George Mordaunt : Insight

What Insight offers you

  • Banking solutions in relation to overdraft facilities or property loans  
  • Debt forgiveness  
  • Bank applications  
  • Negative equity issues  
  • Communicating with your bank  
  • Start up opinions  
  • Revenue or rent arrears  
  • Asset reductions  
  • Cost cutting  
  • New business concepts  
  • Marketing concepts

Business Insight

Insight is a fresh approach to discussing, identifying and developing solutions to all business difficulties. The concept is the brainchild of George Mordaunt who in 2011 wrote and successfully launched a business book entitled ‘Shepherds Pie’ to critical acclaim.

For the first time ever business people are invited to discuss all aspects of business, personal finances or banking on a one to one with George within a confidential environment. This unique service will allow any client the opportunity to question and discuss all issues relating to not just their business but also their personal finances. Insight will allow each client the time and space required to decide on what’s next not just for their business but also for the individual and their family. We are very proud to be the only independent business advisory service that can advise based on actual real life failure and recovery as opposed to business advice born out of professional practice.