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About the Mordaunt Group

The Mordaunt family business began in 1982 as a used car operation. George joined the business in 1986 and today holds the iposition of managing director.

Over the last 30 years the Mordaunt family have seen incredible highs and many very well-documented lows. During that time the business hosted some of the biggest motor franchises in the industry including Nissan Renault Kia Peugeot and Chevrolet

The Mordaunt brand continues to trade successfully today offering its many customers creative alternatives to what’s known as the traditional forecourt sales option. These alternatives have been created over the last number of years and specifically focus and specialise in sourcing and importing cars as well as creating an alternative finance solution which is exclusively available to customers with damaged credit histories

Pay as you go auto and are totally exclusive to the Mordant Group and are the creative brainchild of George MORDAUNT

The Mordaunt Group is officially the longest serving motor operator in Clonmel having built up a customer database of over 8000 customers delivering in excess of 9000 cars since it’s creation.

The business has always focused on and researched heavily in the area of creativity and as a result has set many national records of having introduced “first time"consumer programs which today are copied by many motor operators throughout the country. Within the industry the group has always been seen as a market leader not just in market share but also in its ability to reinvent and create unique and diverse customer opportunities. In 2011 the company resigned all franchises while making the strategic decision to operate exclusively in the used import market allowing its customers to preorder from the UK the specific used car that was required. The decision to move away from the franchise model has proven to be tremendously successful allowing The group to focus exclusively on Ireland’s first virtual sales programme. The success of this decision has on many occasions been covered in the national media and accredited for offering a consumer option many critics see as being well ahead of its time.

Today the company operates in Ireland and the UK where it has access to over 11000 cars and commercials . The company HQ operates from Powerstown Clonmel In Tipperary

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