Book : Shepherds Pie

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Shepherds Pie


Shepherds Pie is the story of how one businessman coped with a failing business emotionally and financially. In this book George talks about the most private moments in his marriage, the fear of corporate failure, the public fallout as well as the off the record brutality applied by some Irish banks.

Some of the topics addressed in Shepherds Pie:
➢ Shepherds Pie – family business, recession & recovery – The real story
➢ The 5 Cs – How they could save your business
➢ Why you don’t have to emigrate to have a successful business
➢ Creativity in business – how it will help to save the Irish economy
➢ Being decisive in business – confronting all of your hostile creditors including banks
➢ Coping mentally, financially, emotionally and physically with a global depression
➢ Protecting your family and marriage from the effects of recession in your business
➢ The invisible politics of being involved in a family business
➢ Succession

The huge selling point of Shepherds Pie is that the story comes from a Joe Public. George is a non CEO, non economist and so the story comes from the heart of a normal 30 year old Irish family business. The book has been endorsed by a number of people with a national profile and is the only release of its kind in 2011.


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