Book : Back in the driving seat

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Back in the Driving Seat

Creating Your Own Business Recovery


A story of hope and inspiration, explaining how Irish business people can overcome the grip of austerity and become active participants in their own recovery

·      First book that confirms there is a policy document on debt write-off
·      First book that charts the process of a debt resolution programme
·      A resource to business owners
·      First case study on debt resolution programme
·      First book that offers a step-by-step guide to business recovery

Yet again business man George Mordaunt does not hold back in his new book Back in the Driving Seat, sequel to the much acclaimed Shepherd’s Pie, which received international media attention for its excruciating honesty on how the recession devastated Mordaunt’s business and personal life and his first steps to recovery.
Back in the Driving Seat is a natural follow on, written in response to the phenomenal reaction that Mordaunt received from other business people who were privately suffering, people who were inspired by his story and were seeking help and advice on how they too could be an active participant in their own recovery, a mantra that George lives by.
Launching at a time when bank debt is a hot topic, Back in the Driving Seat is the first to give a step-by-step guide to recovery, the first to chart the process of a debt resolution programme with confidential details of the steps Mordaunt took himself and the unpopular decisions he had to make to ensure the survival of his own business, and it is the first to confirm that there debt write off exists and there is actually a policy document on debt write-off in Irish banks.
Author Information
George Mordaunt is MD of the Mordaunt Group (retail motor dealership). During 2004 and 2007 the Mordaunt Group expanded rapidly and within 12 months of completing the expansion the entire organization started to collapse as a result of the global financial disaster.  Following the success of Shepherd’s Pie, George set up Insight which for the first time ever enables business people to discuss all aspects of business, personal finances or banking on a one to one with George within a confidential environment. It is the only independent business advisory service that can advise based on actual real life failure and recovery as opposed to business advice born out of professional practice.

Back in the Driving Seat is published in paperback at €14.99 and is also available in eBook format from all the usual outlets.

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