About George Mordaunt


About George

George Mordaunt was born in November 1967 in Clonmel Co Tipperary where he continues to reside. He is married to Anne and they have two children Emily and George

Georges career began in 1986 in the family business known today as the Mordaunt Group which continues to trade in the heart of Clonmel .

George has had many business interests over recent years in property, fashion,hospitality and leisure.

He became a nationally known figure in late 2011 when he published a book entitled Shepherds pie .His first published works were critically acclaimed as it was the first book which openly addressed the fallout of being self-employed during the financial crisis.

In 2013 George continued to tell his story by publishing a second book entitled Back in The Driving seat .This book also addressed issues that burdened many people across the country during its very fragile recovery calling on people to ignore the fear of banks and to actively take charge of their own personal recovery

As a result of the two published works George became a consistent contributor in the national media debating and discussing the banking crisis, lost business opportunities, recovery and the hard lessons that needed to be heeded by Irish business.He openly addressed the urgent need to self educate while challenging Irelands self-employed to become more tech savvy, more creative and to strive to help ensure individuality within their specific industry.

George regularly appears on national radio TV and press as well as delivering very personal and passionate motivational speeches both in Ireland the UK and Europe

He is now generally regarded as the “NewGeneration” media contributor. His delivery is often very direct, painfully honest and very independent. George does not believe in holding back or answering any question by relying on a”politically correct positions”


In 2011 George created “Insight” which is a one-to-one nonprofit non-feepaying consultancy allowing people dealing with business difficulties and banking challenges to discuss their issues privately. To date more than 175 people have benefited from Georges insight.

George Mordaunt continues as managing director of the Mordaunt Group as well as being a director in The Wardrobe Clonmel & Pay As You Go Auto Ltd.  In 2014 he sold his creative and unique barbering business “Get Your Locks off” which was originally created in 2008 .

He is also a director in wesourceNEcar Ltd and is the creator of the hugely successful company Pay As You Go Auto Ltd. which is a very unique and creative alternative to traditional car financing. Over the last 30 years George has tasted the success of a booming business to the heartbreak of total failure but it is his resolve,energy and creativity that fascinates many people. He is a natural salesman,a skilled marketeer and has an ability to identify future trends that allows him to create unique business opportunities. His story is gripping, his recovery is motivational and his honesty and acceptance of failure is refreshing.

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